About Us

Our Experience


Our CEO, Ricardo Romero has 35 years of experience leading teams and managing programs and organizations as a retired Army Officer and Federal civilian executive. He specializes in executive coaching, planning for federal retirement and coaching employees and managers on performance based job interviews. 

Our Lead Trainer, Kathy Romero has over 35 years of experience in both the public and private sector in project planning, strategy development, governance and policy. She is also the author of "Planning for the Rest of Us, A Step-by-Step Guide to Implementing Your Ideas in the Workplace". 

Our Chief Technical Officer, Michele Kraus has 32 years working with the military as a Signal Corps officer and with industry executives and technical teams to align their technology strategy to the business vision. Her specialized skills include migration to Office 365 and implementing enterprise SharePoint solutions.

Our Approach


SPARC provides unique training and tools, and a methodology that will improve the way managers and employees plan for projects and present ideas. This is a practical approach to project planning, free from complicated schedules and jargon. The focus isn't just the big efforts in the organization, it is about effective planning for the hundreds of little efforts that happen in your organization every day. We show managers and employees how their ideas fit into the bigger picture of the organization.

Why Us?


We work with you side by side! We will customize a training program that will enhance your current organizational environment and gain bi-directional support for your planning processes. From executives to the grass roots staff, we will help establish a performance culture in your organization by teaching realistic planning skills and providing templates that make it easy for even the newest employee.